27 September 2016




Training Course 1: Special Waste to Energy
K. LORBER - Montan University of Leoben (AT)


Training Course 2: Remediation of Old Landfills
M. RITZKOWSKI - Hamburg University of Technology (DE)





28 September 2016





E. GIDARAKOS (EL) - "Hazardous Waste Out of Control Around The World"

R. STEGMANN (DE) - "Make IWWG a Strong, High Quality Solid Waste Society"

R. COSSU (IT) - "Back to Earth Alternatives in Waste Management Strategies Based on Circular Economy"

Keynote Speaker
S. WERNER - Federal Evironment Agency (DE)
"Strategies to Combat Marine Litter - From Theory to Action"


  Session A1: Hazardous Waste Regulation Session B1: Biorefineries Session C1: Landfill Issues Session D1: Management of Contaminated Sites in Greece (in Greek) Workshop 1: Controlling Mercury in the Waste Stream
Afternoon Session A2: Military Waste Session B2: Reinforced Materials Session C2: Industrial Wastewater Treatment I Session D2: Recycling and Disposal of Hazardous Waste in Greece (in Greek) Workshop 2: IWWG: Waste and Art
  Session A3: Asbestos Session B3: Agro-Industrial Waste Session C3: Chromium & Arsenic Contaminated Sites Session D3: Radioactive Waste Workshop 3: Petroleum Contaminated Sites Management: Successful Stories and Strategies

29 September 2016



Morning Keynote Speaker
T. CHRISTENSEN - Technical University of Denmark (DK)
"LCA – Life Cycle Analysis Modelling with an Industrial Waste Example"
  Session A4: Characteristics and Treatment of Different Hazardous Waste Session B4: Waste-To-Energy Session C4: Contaminants Behavior Workshop 4: Hazardous Waste Management: Experience in China Workshop 5: Leaching Assessment Framework, Data Management and Modelling
LeachXS Lite training
  Session A5: Plastic Waste Contamination Session B5: Case Studies on Environmental Impacts Session C5: Metal Recovery from Special Wastes Session D5: End-of-Life Vehicles  
Afternoon Keynote Speaker
R. STEGMANN - Hamburg University of Technology (DE)
"Global Pollution, What Can We Do?"
  Session A6: Construction and Demolition Waste Session B6: Groundwater & Surface Water Remediation Session C6: Hospital Waste Management Session D6: Reuse of Industrial Residues Workshop 6: Hyperspectral Imaging and its Applications in Industrial and in Hazardous Waste Characterization and Handling
  Visit of the "WASTE-REINVENTED" Exhibition in Chania City
Exhibition Waste-Reinvented

30 September 2016



Morning Keynote Speaker
G. ANGELOPOULOS - University of Patras (GR)
"Utilisation of High-volume Industrial By-products"
  Session A7: Recycling from Industrial Waste Session B7: Treatment of Contaminated Sites Session C7: Oil Field Issues Session D7: Management of Mining Waste Session E7: E-Waste Management
  Session A8: New Strategies in Special Waste Management Session B8: Polymer Production from Waste Session C8: Industrial Wastewater Treatment II Session D8: Medical and Hospital Waste: Status and Challenges in Greece (in Greek) Session E8: E-Waste Treatment & Recycling
Afternoon Session A9: Toxicology Session B9: Sewage Sludge Treatment Workshop 7: Valorization of Red Mud for Advance Wastewater Treatment   Workshop 8: Innovative Recovery Strategies of Critical Metals from WEEE
  "The Plastic Effect: How is Plastic Pollution Changing the Environment?"    



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