Announcement LeachXSLite training
Participants: open to conference participants 
Requirements Laptop:  minimal 1 Gb RAM, Windows operating system, screen minimal 1024x768, Java JRE 8, Microsoft Framework.
Request to confirm participation: Via Conference secretariat or directly by Hans van der Sloot (hans 
Time: Thursday September 29 from 11:30 – 13:30 
Location:  Room –LIVA – part II of WORKSHOP 5:
Leaching Assessment Framework, DataManagement and Modelling (Part II)
Coordinated by: 
H. van der Sloot (NL)
D.S. Kosson (US)
S. Thorneloe (US)
Description: The attendees can bring their own laptops and install LeachXS Lite with a no cost (free) license key provided at the session. 
  • They will learn to import and manage their own data for comparison with existing data in the public LeachXS database in LeachXS Lite. An overview and examples will be provided on the development of screening assessments.  
  • In addition, LeachXS-Orchestra will be summarized and demonstrated for developing sources terms based on geochemical speciation-based reactive transport based on a series of field scenarios (LeachXS Pro version – license fee required).  
  • Tools for statistical data evaluation and quality control options will also be introduced. 
  • Approximately one-third of the session will be for a discussion amongst attendees regarding their challenges and needs with respect to leaching assessment and potential pathways to address them.
LeachXS Lite Download and guide: