First Announcement – Call For Abstracts

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of CRETE International Conference, the on-going organization of CRETE 2018 aims at the conduction of a really special and extremely interesting event, with many novelties, offers and surprises.

Tsingua University Beijing joins in as an Organizing Institution, along with the Technical University of Crete, University of Padua, Technical University of Hamburg and IWWG, broadening CRETE 2018 boarders to the East.

CRETE 2018 Topics have been reviewed in an effort to listen to the currents needs of both industries and science and create an even more appealing, interesting and riveting program.


  • Industrial and Hazardous Waste (IHW): Regulations, Legislation and Characterization
  • Producer Responsibility and Hazardous Compounds in Products
  • IHW Management: Emission Control, Concepts and Practices
  • IHW Minimization and Recycling: Optimized Production Processes, Re-utilization, Waste Stock Market, etc.
  • Toxicological and Safety Aspects of IHW / Contaminated Sites Management
  • Design and Operation of IHW Treatment Plants and Disposal Sites: Recycling Plants, Incinerators, Chemical/ Physical Treatment Plants, Landfills, Intermediate Storage Facilities, etc.
  • Contaminant Release and Transport: Processes, LCA, Risk Assessment
  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites and Groundwater
  • Remediation of Mines and Treatment of Mine Residues
  • Special Waste Management: Medical, Radioactive, Agro-Industrial and Pharmaceutical Waste, Production Residues, Asbestos, WEEE, etc.
  • Catastrophes and War: Effects on the Environment, Impact, Remediation
  • Pollution of Marine Environment by Plastic Debris and other Waste
  • IHW Energy Management Concepts: Energy Reduction and Recovery
  • Social Aspects of IHW Management: Public Acceptance, Public Involvement, Information Policy, Safety Aspects
  • Aspects of Global Pollution: Reduction of diffuse Emissions, Targets for acceptable Water, Air and Soil Contamination (Planetary Boundaries), etc.
  • Reduction of Air Pollution by advanced Industrial Emission Control
  • New Ways of Education in the Field of IHW in Schools, Universities and the Public: Virtual Reality, Advanced Internet Utilization (Presentations, Communication, Courses, etc.), Waste and Art, etc.
  • Case Studies
  • Industrial Company Presentations and Forum

Based on these topics, but also always open to interesting new ideas and proposals, we are proud to announce that CRETE 2018 Call for Abstracts is officially open.

At our website you can be guided through theAbstract Submission procedure and acquire important information onImportant Deadlines, our new Conference Venue, as well asRegistration.

Do note down CRETE 2018 conduction dates (4th – 7th September 2018), work on your valuable submission and stand by for our next newsletter.