Highlighted Theme



CRETE 2018 has chosen to highlight this actual subject in special workshops and sessions. Papers presenting results from research and practical experiences on how to recover materials from e-waste and how to treat the residues are very welcome!

Material recovery from electric and electronic waste (WEEE) is of highest priority, as:

  •  high production of electric and electronic products requires more and more materials,
  • the resources of theses materials (rare earth and other precious metals) are very limited and only available in a few places on earth,
  • the disposal of these precious compounds is ecologically and economically unreasonable,
  • the recovery of these valuable elements is a great challenge, i.e. intense efforts in research and development are necessary,
  • when recovering the high value parts from e-waste also the remaining residues should be as far as possible / feasible recycled and / or disposed in an environmentally sound way.