IWWG support & privileges

The International Waste Working Group (IWWG) was established in 2002 to serve as a forum for the scientific and professional community and to respond to a need for the international promotion and dissemination of new developments in the waste management industry. It provides an intellectual platform to encourage and support integrated and sustainable waste management and promote practical scientific development in the field. Conceived as a think-tank, whose work is based on scientific principles oriented towards practical applications, the underlying structure of the IWWG enables a focus on a wide range of subjects, to react promptly to problems that arise in the field, and to communicate effectively within the professional community.

IWWG supports CRETE 2018 with the conduction of Training Courses and Workshops. So far, the following are under consideration:

  • Conduction of two Training Courses / Workshops on different issues, under video recording in order to allow live-streaming or download as webinars through the IWWG official website.
  • Conduction of two Training Courses / Workshops on different issues, focusing on the needs of the public sector. Translation in Greek will be provided in order to maximize participation from Greek authorities and companies.

As an official IWWG Conference, CRETE 2018 provides the following privileges to IWWG members:

  • Free registration to IWWG Managing Board members
  • Free registration to IWWG Task Group Leaders
  • Reduced (10%) registration to IWWG members