Special Issues

A set of Special Issues of Waste Management, Detritus and Journal of Hazardous Materials will be compiled, based on a selected number of top research papers from CRETE 2018 International Conference.

The themes of these Special Issues have been selected as follows:


E- Waste Mining 

  • E-waste composition / valuables present
  • Circular economy potentials
  • Recycling / reuse limitations & problems
  • Innovations / minimizations in production
  • Treatment (physico-chemical, thermal, etc.)
  • Final disposal options
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Case studies

Full paper submission deadline: 30 November 2018



Healthcare Waste Management 

  • Legislation issues
  • Classification / characterization
  • Risk assessment and toxicology
  • Management Innovations
  • Separation / minimization potentials
  • Treatment (physic-chemical, thermal, etc.)
  • Case studies

Full paper submission deadline: 15 January 2019


Plastic Hazards & Threats 

  • Plastic waste composition / hazards present
  • Transport and fate in the environment
  • Circular economy potentials
  • Recycling limitations / problems
  • Risk assessment and toxicology
  • Innovations / minimizations in production
  • Treatment (physico-chemical, thermal, etc.)

Full paper submission deadline: 28 February 2019



Selection will be carried out among all contributions presented at the Conference, dealing with topics above. Authors selected will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper to the Journal. The papers will then be rigorously peer-reviewed and tracked through publication progress.

High quality papers dealing with any other CRETE 2018 Topic may also be considered for further improvement, review and publication in Waste Management Journal, the official journal of IWWG.